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"Discover The Easiest, Fastest, And Cheapest Way For Newbie Marketers To Maximize Their Profits With One Of The World’s Finest Autoresponder Systems For Only $2.00 A Month"

"Here’s The Secret Tool That Caters To Those With Small Pockets, But Large Profit Goals To Reach"

Here’s A Stunning Fact: Recent studies reveal that it can take 10, 15, or even 20 follow-up messages for prospects to become a first-time customer, so if you’re not following up with visitors who come to your site and don’t buy, then you’re leaving hundreds or even thousands of dollars sitting on the table that you could be collecting.

And if you’re new to marketing, I understand your grief…… There’s a lot of expense involved in starting your online business and you can only do what your wallet says you can do.

I know… you’ve said to yourself that you need a good, reliable autoresponder system to follow up with potential customers, so you log on to autoresponder sites, only to see the lowest price to get started is set at $20 a month. Well, $20 may not seem like a lot to those giant companies, because they’ve already made their millions. But for you, a struggling-to-get-started newbie marketer, an extra $20 a month could run you dry if you’re not making any sales.

Believe me, I know, because when I started my online business years ago, I barely made a sale. In fact, I almost called it quits, so I know exactly how you feel right now, because I’ve been there.

So once I made it to the top, I made it a point to help newbie marketers just like you, who don’t have a lot of money spend, to have a way to get every single dollar YOU deserve!

In fact, I want to help you so much that I’m going to give you FREE access to the 'Ecourse Intro' course, A FREE 7 day course that will take you step-by-step and teach you how to improve and effectively promote your business with helpful and informative content that builds customer trust, which leads to more sales and higher profits for you.

Marketing gurus across the globe have used this exact method to build Internet marketing empires…and now you can too!

Just enter your name and email address below and you’ll be on your way to developing and promoting ecourses to benefit your business for FREE!



Now that you’ve taken advantage of the free ecourse, you’re headed in the right direction. But it doesn’t stop there……

You Can’t Afford To Go Another Day
Without Being Able To Follow Up
With Visitors To Your Web Site

Having the ability to follow up with potential buyers is a MUST if you’re planning on staying in business and there’s no other way to say it. It sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging…

I’m Going To Explain The Sales Process For You:

Step 1-A visitor comes to your web site, reads your headline, the introduction of your sales letter, and then skips to the bottom of the page and reads your offer and price……

Step 2-It’s at this point that the customer is intrigued by your offer and skims through the body of your sales copy.

Step 3- Studies show that more than 80% of first time visitors who like your offer, decide that they will come back to your site and purchase later. But many times, you may even know for yourself, that just doesn’t happen.

But if you’re able to follow up with these customers over a period of time with an email to remind them about your site and to further instruct them on why they need your product or service, then you’ll be able to zero in on a bundle of sales that would have otherwise been lost if you had never said a word to them again.

Step 4 Is All You’re Lacking-Remember, you’ve already pre-sold these visitors to your site, and with a simple follow up email, you’re just closing the deal.

Following Up With Your Customers Shouldn’t
Cost You An Arm And A Leg
To Do So……
With Us, You Can Do It For Dirt Cheap And
Get The Help You Need At The Same Time

It’s essential to have the ability to follow-up with your prospects/customers so you can properly educate them on your products and services, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to do it.

And if you really think about it: Why do companies charge so much for this service anyway?

Here’s the truth: They’re not in business to help you profit. They’re in business to make themselves profit and since there’s not a lot to choose from, they can afford to charge outrageous prices to help you send out emails…

But the good news for you is that

Now There’s An Answer

  • Now you can send out unlimited follow-up emails to customers until they finally break down and buy from you
  • Now you can start grabbing every cent that you deserve even if you have only a few bucks to invest in an autoresponder system
  • Now you can look to experience an increase in your sales by 377% or more in record time
  • Now you can stop leaving money on the table for your competitors to pick up and explode your online business to maximum profits
  • Now you can finally take your business to the next level of success with a low-cost autoresponder system that provides you with everything that the high-priced systems provide and more

You can have all of that and more once you say yes to

Ecourse Wizard

This unique autoresponder system is specifically designed for newbie marketers with small budgets and those who have been in the Internet marketing game for a while, but haven’t found the type of success that you’re looking for.

Here’s Why Ecourse Wizard Is For You:

Ecourse Wizard includes one of the world’s smartest autoresponder systems that can send customized email messages to your prospects and customers automatically even while you sleep.

This One-Of-A-Kind System:

  • Is easy to use, understand, and apply to your online business
  • Gets right to the core of your needs to help you instantly find success
  • Is an all-in-one package that allows you to follow-up with potential customers until they simply can’t take it anymore and decide to buy
  • Is unlike any other product on the market today

Ecourse Wizard:

  • Allows you to be more efficient and empowers you with the ability to follow-up with visitors to your site who don’t buy the first time
  • Is guaranteed to work for you or it’s FREE
  • Is inexpensive and provides you with the results you’re seeking
  • Is like no other product on the market today
  • Provides you with a blue print to building your very own Internet marketing empire

Here’s A Sneak Peak At Some
of The Features You’ll Have Access To

Ecourse Wizard offers numerous features in its autoresponder and mailing list management:

Unlimited Follow Up Autoresponders

  • Unlimited autoresponders: Create as many autoresponder/email marketing campaigns as you want. Use each for a different purpose or as separate mailing lists for the various websites you own. (Xtra Package)
  • Unlimited follow up messages: You can create as many follow up messages as you want for your campaigns. (Xtra Package)
  • Unlimited message size: Your message can be as long as you want.
  • Unlimited changes: You can change/edit or delete your autoresponder messages as many times as you like.
  • Specify interval: Specify the interval of your choice between autoresponder messages. Send messages one day apart or 10 days apart ... you choose.
  • Test messages: Test your autoresponder messages by sending them to the email address of your choice. Make sure your autoresponders are delivered error free to your customers.

Easy Ezine/Mailing List Management

  • Subscriber group selection: Choose if you want to send your Ezine to all subscribers, active subscribers or those who have received all the autoresponder messages.
  • Custom Subscriber Groups:: Build custom subscriber groups within your main list using the list segmentation feature. Target your message differently to each segment.
  • Save Ezine: Copy paste Ezine in window and save and send whenever you want.
  • Test Ezine: Test your ezine to make sure it's delivered error free to your customers.
  • Multiple formats: Send Ezine in Text or HTML format.

Powerful Customization Features

  • Get personal: Personalize your messages with more than 25 personalization codes like firstname, lastname, email, etcetera. Your customers will think you personally wrote this message for them and are bound to read it.
  • Choose "From" Address: Set up "From" Address for your list. It will appear that your messages are being sent from your personal address and not Ecourse Wizard.
  • Custom List Name: Set up a "List Name" for your list. Unlike other autoresponder systems we give you the choice to have an attractive and descriptive list name, regardless of what your list id may be.
  • Custom Signature: Your custom signature will be added to all outgoing system emails to your subscribers.
  • Customize subscription invitations: Customize outgoing invitations for your list. Tell your customers why they should join your list.
  • Custom pages: Use custom thank you, subscribe and unsubscribe pages. Your subscribers can land on pages of your website when they fill a subscription form, confirm subscription or unsubscribe.
  • Useful tracking feature: Insert Tracking Links in your autoresponder messages or ezines to check how many times a link was clicked. This way you know what kind of messages get a response from your readers.
  • RSS Feed Updates: Automatically send an email to your subscribers everytime your RSS Feed is updated.

Easy Formatting of Messages

  • Multiple formats: Send messages in both HTML and Text format.
  • Automatically create HTML templates: Choose from our exclusively designed attractive templates and create professional HTML messages. (Value, Maxi and Xtra Packages)
  • Custom HTML templates: Get your own custom template integrated with the Template Generator. Create HTML messages easily using your own design. (Value, Maxi and Xtra Packages)
  • Automatically create text templates: Easy Text Template Generator to create exclusive text only templates for text messages.
  • Wrap text utility: Text editor for inserting easy line breaks (text wraps) at the click of a button.
  • HTML editor: Edit your HTML templates with our easy HTML editor.

Easy to Use

  • Easy navigation: Drop down and static menus on every page of the control panel, making sure that you have one click access to all the important features.
  • Manage campaigns: Master control panel to create, view, delete or freeze your email marketing campaigns.
  • Single login: Single user id and password for all your autoresponders. No need to remember and keep track of multiple user ids and passwords.
  • Fast and easy set up: Use our step by step guide and set up your account in minutes.
  • Easy help files: Relevant help files in each section of the control panel explain all our great features in detail.
  • Stellar customer service: Making it a whole lot easier to set up your account.

Subscription Management Options

  • Multiple subscription forms: Four types of subscription forms are available. Choose the one you like the best.
    • Simple Subscribe Form: Ask for the subscriber's first name and email
    • Simple Subscribe/Unsubscribe Form: Ask for the subscriber's first name and email and let them sub or unsub from your list.
    • Multiple Fields Form: Get more information from your subscribers. Add up to 10 pre-defined questions and 5 custom questions. You can also use 10 List Segmentation questions to gather information to further segregate your list.
    • Pop-up Form: Grab the attention of your visitors as soon as they get to your website.
  • Multiple subscription options: Several ways of adding subscribers to your list:
    • Subscription via form: Use one of the above mentioned forms at your website to capture your visitors' email addresses.
    • Subscription via email: Subsequenctly you can also offer your visitors the option of subscribing via email.
    • Invite Subscribers: Use your control panel to invite a subscribers to join your list.
    • Import Subscribers: Got a huge list of subscribers to add? Import multiple subscribers using this function.
  • Multiple unsubscribe options: Unsubscription can be done via link, email and form.
  • Confirmation of subscription: Subscription must be confirmed through double opt in, to make sure that no one can spam people through your form.
  • New subscriber notification: Instant email notification when a new subscriber signs up for your list. No need to login to your control panel again and again.
  • Unsubscribe notification: Instant email notification when a member leaves, to make sure you stay updated.
  • Resubscribe settings: Resubscribe settings to define what action to take when a current subscriber tries to join your list again

Sophisticated Member Management

  • Unlimited database access: Access/manage your list any time you want. View detailed subscriber reports including:
    • Active Subscribers: Subscribers receiving your autoresponder sequence
    • Archived Subscribers: Subscribers who have completed your message sequence.
    • All Subscribers: A list of all subscribers including active and archived.
    • Pending Subscribers: People who did not confirm subscription.
    • Deleted Subscribers: Find out which autoresponder messages are getting the highest amount of unsubs.
  • Import subscribers: Import lists of thousands of members in one go (confirmation required for subscription).
  • Downloadable list: Download list of subscribers in a text file and make back ups of your subscriber list.
  • Powerful search feature: Search subscribers by email, name and location.
  • Ban emails: Ban email address or domain to stop anyone you want from subscribing.
  • Manage subscribers: Invite, edit or delete subscribers with one click.
  • Reactivate subscribers: Added more messages to your sequence? Make sure your archived subscribers receive them as well by reactivating them starting from the latest messages you have added.
  • Sync subscribers: Make sure your buyers are not on your prospects' list by syncing the two lists.
  • Automatic Name Correction: Your subscriber's names are automatically capitalized and corrected. mary will change to Mary. If your subscriber enters mary jane as their first name, that will automatically be saved as first name: Mary, Last Name: Jane.

Once you take advantage of this amazing deal, it will be virtually impossible for you to fail.

But you don’t have to take my word for it……

You Need To Hear These Real Life Testimonial

Thank you for providing such a great tool. I would recommend it to all my readers and internet marketing clients.

Jeremy Cobb,

Being in touch with my audience is essential to allow us to grow. Ecourse WIzard has the tools that have allowed me to communicate and promote my products and services to those people who are already interested in what I have to offer. Every single day new people are signing up to learn more and my list has grown exponentially. I am delighted to recommend Ecourse Wizard. Keep waving your magic wand!

Jamee Culbertson,

Since setting up the e-course as a "teaser" for my book on Customer Service, sales on Amazon have risen dramatically and stayed consistent. It was easy to setup my e-course and customize it with graphics and hyperlinks. The easy to access online reports keep me up-to-date on the success of my enterprise. I love getting a confirmation email every time someone signs up for the e-course. With this technology, I can economically support customers not only here in the U.S., but around the world!

Ward Flynn,

I have tried several different newsletter accounts. A few of them I hated due to ALL the "spam" ads they placed on MY contact with my customers...the other ones were better, but were VERY costly! So I searched around, and found Ecourse Wizard; its WONDERFUL! It gives me FULL control over my emails to my subscribers, without "the ads" it also give me EVERYTHING (and often MORE) than the other services I had, while being SOO much cheaper! Their customer service is top notch!


I get more impressed about your autoresponder system everyday, more especially your prompt response to enquiries. Don't be surprised if one or two new clients join you soon, based on my 'good words'.

Anie Anokuru,

My name is Rolan, and I just set up a new web site called Pet Shops Guide. I needed to develop an opt-in list, so I chose Ecourse Wizard. I am starting out small and they have a good price for the newbie. Within a couple of days I had my submission box installed and my ezine thank you letter set up to go out. I do recommend this company especially to new webmasters. Why? Because of the timely and very helpful support provided by Erum. I'm sure I drove her crazy with stupid questions, but she was always there to help me. If you think this is not a real testimonial you can email me at and I will send you a personal e-mail.


Wow! You are a wizard!

Mary Scheidegger,

You are so efficient and resourceful! Amazing. Impressive. Inspiring.
Thank you!

Dr. Louise Underdahl,

Now that you’ve heard the testimonials, you should be convinced. But if you’re like most people, you’re probably still a little skeptical. But remember this, if you keep doing what you’re doing right now, you’ll only be successful at getting the same results over and over again!

Today is the day that you make a change for the better. And perhaps, the best part about it is that it’s backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Our Iron Clad 30 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so sure that Ecourse Wizard will provide you with the results that you’re looking for that I’m willing to back it up for a full 30 days.

Ecourse Wizard MUST help you experience email marketing and online success with ease and eliminate all of the hassle, pain, and agony that goes along with the way your business runs now.

If you’re not completely satisfied with it, even if it’s on the 29th day of the guarantee, all you have to do is let me know and I’ll insist that you let me give you a full refund directly from my bank account, no questions asked. It’s just that simple!

So Are You Ready To Get Started?

If you’re really ready to kick your email marketing campaigns into gear and take your business to the next level of success, then you want to know how to get started, right?

Well, I’m pleased to offer you this powerful package at an amazingly low price for just the next couple of days, so don’t wait……

One of these packages is perfect for you to start out with.

Mini Value Maxi Xtra
Email Marketing Campaigns 1 2 5 10
Subscribers Per Campaign 250 500 2000 5000
Total Subscribers 250 1000 10,000 50,000
Follow Up Autoresponders 25 25 50 50
Pricing (per month) $2 * $5 $12 $25

* This package is billed yearly at $24 per year.

Yes, I want to super charge my business by following up with my customers thru Ecourse Wizard.

Choose Your Plan
Mini- $24 per year
Value - $5 per month
Maxi - $12 per month
Xtra - $22 per month

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PS: Remember, when you say yes to Ecourse Wizard, it’s backed by a 100% guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

PPS: Sometimes in life opportunities knock when we least expect them to, but true leaders recognize when these opportunities arrive and TODAY, the opportunity of a lifetime is staring you right in the face.

Please don’t let this opportunity pass you by. It could be your last chance at email and Internet marketing success.

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